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May 21, 2005

How I Would Have Had It.

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CameraKonica Minolta 7d
LensTameron SP f/2.8 90mm
Shutter / Aperture1/8s / f/9
ISO / Metering Mode100 / Spot

Last weekend was one of those get down, get crazy creative weekends. I stayed up all night on Saturday authoring a program I've been writing until the sun came up. I tried to get to bed but couldn't. I thought to myself, "how often I am I awake by sunrise?" And so I decided to pack up my gear and head downtown.

I set out a rough shooting schedule of three locations: the new Walker Arts Center, Loring Park, and the farmer's market. I needed flowers for the garden anyway and besides there isn't any other place in the Twin Cities that I know of where you can get a grilled loaded bratwurst at 6:00am!

It was cold (single digits C), windy, and damp. A vendor at the farmer's market later remarked, "lovely March we're having, isn't it?" It seems you just never can tell with the weather now-a-days. Is it just me, or did the seasons seem more consistant when we were children?

I climbed up on the Irene Hixon Whitney Footbridge and pointed the camera at the Walker. The lighting wasn't quite right yet, the sun still had not quite risen over the horizon. I looked around, sipped some tea and noticed a lovely bit of poetry running the length of the bridge. For all the times I've crossed, I had never looked up and noticed it before.

I decided that I wanted to try and frame the shot tight yet balanced, subdued but interesting. I had sort of a rough plan as to how I was going to process this image; I thought it would be really neat to try and bring out some of the cloud detail that I was sure was going to be lost by the inferior to my eye dyanmic range of the camera.

Hours and hours of processing, trying and trying again I think I've got something marginally interesting. I'm not one to shy away from the digital process and not call it art. This photo has more than it's share of layer masks and adjustment layers. I hope that you don't find the selective colorization too cheesy.

I would be honored to know your thoughts.

I also bought more ink today for the Stylus Photo 2000P for some orders I have pending. If anybody wants prints make sure to contact me. Thank you everybody for all of your support!


Posted by jordanh at May 21, 2005 2:03 AM |

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Jordan - like your site. Thanks for visiting mine. I don't know if you stumbled across it, but I have another site dealing with discussions of photography at

Anyone who is a registered member can post article and interact. Let me know what you think - I'm trying to get more folks involved (all levels). Again, thanks for stopping by and providing the kind words!

Posted by: James at May 21, 2005 10:18 PM

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