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September 25, 2005


The following is software that I have written over the years.

Some of its good, some of its bad. Feel free to write me to let me know what you think!

Name Description Initial Release Date Last Release Date Current Version
euc2html euc2html is a simple application that converts any double-byte EUC-encoded characters into HTML unicode entities. 12/01/2001 12/01/2001 1.01
jFlash jFlash is a multilingual, web-based flashcard system based on open web standards, PHP, and XML. 2/5/2004 2/5/2004 1.0
putmarks putmarks is a quick-n-dirty solution for use with an XBEL bookmark synchronizing package such as the wonderful "Bookmarks Synchronizer" Firefox extension by Torisugari. 11/8/2004 2/9/2005 1.1
ruby_integrator ruby_integrator is a set of Ruby classes for performing numerical integration estimates using a variety of techniques. 9/25/2005 9/25/2005 1.0

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