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April 22, 2006

Back From the Dead

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CameraHolgaroid 120GF
LensHolga Glass 60mm f/8
Shutter @ Aperture1/100s @ f/8
Film / ISOPolaroid Type 84 / 100 ISO

Spring in Minnesota is such a nice time of year. The snow yields and the ground begins to green. Tiny buds and flowers appear to make the trees illuminate in soft pastels. The sun begins to feel warm again.

As beautiful and welcomed as these seasonal changes are they do not come without caution: rivers may flood their banks, leaf-clogged sewers can back up, and sneezy itchy-eyed allergy suffers begin to contemplate suicide. Spring comes not without its costs.

Part of the attrition this year was our dear household mail and web server. A fan died and the sun-warmed heat of the office was enough to cook something (processor or RAM, I haven't determined which yet) to death akin to leaving a puppy in a closed vehicle in July. Luckily I'm the type of nerd that happens to have enough parts on hand to construct a replacement.

The old server died exactly the day I returned from vacation in California. I was in a chipper mood and had everything backed up so it didn't really bum me out much.

In fact I was ecstatic from the glow of a purchase of a brand new . In fact, I believe to be the last purchaser of this discontinued back from Freestyle Photo. I have already put it to good use.

Last week my father, his financee, brother and I drove out to the high desert north east of L.A; out near Lancaster. We drove up there to observe the annual spring blooming of the California Poppies.

The above portrait of me was taken by my brother out in a field off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.


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