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April 5, 2006

Japanese Maples in Front of Engakuji

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My brother Evan researched instructions to find Yasujiro Ozu's grave and Engakuji (円覚寺) temple was the first stop.


Engakuji is just a short one and a half hour train ride out of Tokyo and it makes for a good escape. It is wonderful to get away from all the concrete and noise of the city and excurse towards the ocean. Being welcomed by these gorgeous Japanese maples into the tranquil domain of the temple seemed like scenery directly from Ozu.

This shot is trite. Nothing says "Western Interpretation of Canned Zen" better than out of focus foilage with a temple backdrop more than maples in Japan. Well, I guess at least they are not cherry blossums!

I remember from last year, when I was composing this shot, how it was more of a personal marker to help tell the story of going to find Ozu. I loaded it up in the image editor tonight and scrubbed it up enough to feel that I had made it post worthy.


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Love the DOF on the leaves...

Posted by: Tanja > at April 17, 2006 12:29 PM

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