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April 23, 2006

Pontius Pilot

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One week ago and a day we were driving up to the high desert towards Lancaster, California. My father's financee Lauren told us we should stop in Vasquez and look at the Vasquez rock formation: a sedimentary stratum of geology jutting up and away from the Earth at a 30 degree angle no doubt the result of some earthquake long ago.

It was the day before Easter Sunday and we were surprised to find the place overrun with people looking as though they had been born from a nativity scene: brightly colored Israelite-themed clothing plus the odd roman soldier.

CameraHolgaroid 120GF
LensHolga Glass 60mm f/8
Shutter @ Aperture1/100s @ f/8
Film / ISOPolaroid Type 84 / 100 ISO

My dad sprang from the car like an excited child to an amusement park with his camera in hand to go off and interview people. I climbed a round on the rocks a bit with my brother who was wearing a pair of custom made goggles with IR filters. To these godly country folk we must have appeared to be aliens from another planet.

They were putting on a passion reenactment, the crucifiction of Jesus. Later I talked to Pontius Pilot and got the skinny that they were rehearsing for their 5:00am Easter Sunday performance. I asked to take his picture and I popped the Holga on him.

When we looked at the resulting photograph I think we both appreciated how the aesthetic of the resultant image and the theatrical subject both appeared to be misplaced in time.


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