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May 27, 2006

Genographic Update - Additional Testing Required

Off and on I've been checking the status of my submission of cheek-cells to the National Geographic Genographic Project. It's been a little over a couple of months that they've been processing my DNA. Well, last week my entry moved from the processing stage into quality control and something interesting happened. Here's the text from my record:

Additional Testing Required

Your sample has completed the DNA analysis phase of testing. However, during quality control your initial results failed to clearly indicate your haplogroup. We must perform additional testing to accurately determine your deep ancestral lineage. This is not uncommon, but will delay the posting of your results by two to three weeks.

We appreciate your patience. Please also note that this delay is a sign of the Project's success in increasing the diversity of samples in our database.

If we find that there is a problem at any point during the processing of your sample, you will receive an updated message when you log in to check your status.

What does this all mean?

My guess is that my lineage is so strange that they haven't encountered many of my type before. As a matter of fact, that's precisely why I wanted to spend the $100 to try and figure out what my paternal haplotype was in the first place!

I'm putting odds on one of a few outcomes:

  1. The family has been keeping to traditions and I can trace my haplotype through Israel.
  2. Someone got scandalous and I've either got North African or Spanish paternal DNA.
  3. The results will be inconclusive and will simply tell me that I'm human.
  4. I'm a new subspecies.

Oh the suspense! I'll keep you all updated...

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