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June 26, 2006

Genographic Results: Haplogroup J2


It's confirmed y'all. I'm mishpacha. Haplogroup J2 common amongst the world's Semitic peoples.

Here's some of the good poop from the report:

Your Y-chromosome results identify you as a member of haplogroup J2.

The genetic markers that define your ancestral history reach back roughly 60,000 
years to the first common marker of all non-African men, M168, and follow your 
lineage to present day, ending with M172, the defining marker of haplogroup J2.

If you look at the map highlighting your ancestors' route, you will see that members
 of haplogroup J2 carry the following Y-chromosome markers:

M168 — M89 — M304 — M172

Today, descendants of this line appear in the highest frequencies in the Middle East,
 North Africa, and Ethiopia, and at a much lower frequency in Europe, where it is 
observed exclusively in the Mediterranean area. Approximately 20 percent of the
 males in southern Italy carry the marker, along with 10 percent of men in southern 


M168: Your Earliest Ancestor
Time of Emergence: Roughly 50,000 years ago
Place of Origin: Africa 
Climate: Temporary retreat of Ice Age; Africa moves from drought to warmer temperatures and moister conditions
Estimated Number of Homo sapiens: Approximately 10,000 


M89: Moving Through the Middle East
Time of Emergence: 45,000 years ago
Place: Northern Africa or the Middle East
Climate: Middle East: Semi-arid grass plains
Estimated Number of Homo sapiens: Tens of thousands


M304: The Spread of Agriculture
Time of Emergence:15,000 to 10,000 years ago
Place of origin: Fertile Crescent
Climate: Ice Age ending
Estimated Number of Homo sapiens: Millions
Language: Unknown—earliest evidence of modern language families 


M172: Toward the Mediterranean
Time of Emergence: 10,000 years ago
Place of Origin: Fertile Crescent
Climate: Ice Age ending
Estimated Number of Homo sapiens: A few million
Language: Unknown
Tools and Skills: Neolithic 
Your ancestors left a physical footprint that matches their genetic journey
 Artifacts from ancient towns such as Jericho, also known as Tell el-Sultan,
 a site close to present day Jerusalem, provide evidence of permanent human
settlements to around 8500 B.C. The sites also suggest the transition from 
hunter-gatherer to settled life occurred relatively suddenly.

The M172 marker defines a major subset of haplogroup J, which arose from 
the M89 lineage. It is found today in North Africa, the Middle East, and southern
 Europe. In southern Italy it occurs at frequencies of 20 percent, and in 
southern Spain, 10 percent of the population carries this marker. Both
 haplogroup J and its subgroup J2 are found at a combined frequency of
 around 30 percent amongst Jewish individuals. 

This more or less confirms the family lore that our ancestors emerged out of Israel, passed along Northern Africa, and up to Spain before being kicked out during the Spanish Inquisition only to try and make it back towards Israel to be re-settled in Syria before coming to the Americas.

This makes me want to try and find the rumored Mexican contingent of the Husney (Hosni) family even more!

To all with $99 of expendible cash, I can say I recommend the Genographic Project. Sure it takes six months and only gives your ancestry to within an estimated 10,000 years ago but its still good fun to know how far your ancestors came to bring you in front of that computer monitor today :)

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Hasdera Jizo Bosatsu

View in Photoblog
CameraKonica Minolta MAXXUM 7D
Lens (35mm Equiv.)Minolta 24mm f/2.8 (36 mm)
Exp. Prog. / Shutter @ ApertureNormal Program / 1/60 s @ f/3.2
Metering w/Adj. @ ISOCenter weighted average w/0.00 eV @ 200

My supreme apologies for the lack of updates, loyal fans. I guess I've gotten carried away with the summer--sailing, biking, running around. Usually there isn't this much sunshine to enjoy in Minnesota so I've been out taking advantage of it!

Also my supreme apologies for those who hate selective coloring. It's cheesy. But like my father before me when chided for making two many puns he said, "son, I was born to corn."

The little statues are Jizo Bosatsu, the Buddha protectorate of stillborn, miscarried and—later—aborted children. The Jizo phenomenon borrows heavily from Japanese Shintoism and became much popular during the liberalization and legalization of abortion in Japan.

Although critics of the practice label it as emotionally coercive citing temple literature claiming that aborted fetuses and children become so-called mizuko or water-children held in a state of purgatory in the cycle of rebirth unless proper retribution is payed, the shear number of bibbed or adorned statues pays an honest truth to the widespread nature of this practice.

An elderly tourist couple from the UK asked me if I knew what these statues were about. I told her what I could. The woman remarked, "that's horrible, how can a people get so many abortions?" I told her what I knew of Japanese culture up to and including the taboos surrounding various forms of birth control. I guess she was ready to criticize a culture but she herself wasn't ready to have a conversation about the sociological sexual practices of a nation with a stranger because she grew rather red in the face and abruptly hurried off.


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June 20, 2006

Embedded Calendar

Neat! The Goog provides a means to easily embed one's calendar on an existing webpage. You can access my calendar from the collection of links at the top of the page or from right here.

That is all...

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June 19, 2006

Google Calendar

A lot of people have complained that I'm overbooked, hard to get a hold of, and that it's difficult to find time to spend with me. I'm looking to correct that!

Here's a link to my Google Calendar:

Sign up for some "J-Time" today!

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June 9, 2006

As a Proud Member of the Polygamist Lobby, I am Appauled

In response to this senate speech I wrote the following letter to Senator Inhofe (R-OK) today.

Senator Inhofe,

I follow our Senate's activities closely and am APPALLED that instead of working on issues important to our nation you instead choose to waste the time of the people with hateful and poorly crafted rhetoric. Allow me to quote:

"The homosexual marriage lobby, as well as the polygamist lobby, shares the goal of essentially breaking down all State-regulated marriage requirements to just one: consent. In doing so, they are paving the way for legal protection of such repugnant practices as: homosexual marriage, unrestricted sexual conduct between adults and children, group marriage, incest, and bestiality."

Can you not see that drawing a link between homosexuality and practices such as pedophilia, incest, and bestiality is not only completely illogical but nothing more than a third-rate, sophomoric rhetorical scare-tactic?

Later you assert, "That is really what this is all about--marriage is between a man and a woman," and share scripture from The Good Book to assert your point. In truth, however, there is plenty of precedent for Biblical support of polygamy which as you say is one of the many "repugnant" practices you choose to waste our country's time with in the Senate chamber.

As a man who on more than one occasion has asserted his sharp tact to the Lord's Path, I urge you to consider II Sam. 5:13, I Kings 11:3, & II Chron 11:21.

However please keep your response out of capital hill, there are more important things to be doing with our time.

Although I'm not one of your constituents, health care and the affordability thereof for small business owners and private citizens would rate at the very top of my list. Polls of the good people of Oklahoma seem to resonate with my opinion.

Respectfully yours,

Jordan Husney
Minneapolis, MN

I wonder how many milliseconds it will take an office intern to throw away? I bet they won't even up to the word, "APPALLED" before they hit delete. I am thinking it will occur someplace around "Senate's activities..."

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June 1, 2006

2006, The Year of Personal Techniclogical Catastrophies

Superstition dictates that bad events always arrive in threes. Night before last, the final shoe on this three legged beast had dropped.

First, my wide-format printer died. The head developed a leak that made every print look like an inky massacre, rendering hundreds of dollars worth of pigment inks and paper stock useless to me. I liquidated all the supplies on eBay and replaced the printer with a cheap all-in-one unit. Although I've vowed to never make prints at home again, I still miss being able to do it.

The second shoe to drop was my original server that started as a VIA Mini ITX board in a To Boot shoebox later installed into an antique wooden box I picked up at an antiques show which I attacked with a dremel to add holes for the ports and ventilation. Three years of continuous use and an early spring heatwave seemed to have killed it.

I replaced the shoebox with a spare five or six year old system I had in the basement. Things seemed to be going well until Tuesday when I noticed I couldn't get to my site from work all of a sudden. I returned home to find that the system wouldn't boot up anymore.

I tried a different power supply, isolating memory sticks, reseating everything. It was just dead. The third shoe had dropped.

I was dissapointed to see that my own locally owned computer store ("Tran Microsystems") had been converted from the friendly neighborhood shop where one could buy new and used stuff at a fair price to a rude little joint staffed by loud-mouthed upselling hawkers who try to convince you that blinking LEDs and neon cords enhance performance. I gave in and went to Microcenter and picked up the cheapest of everything I needed to get back-online.

We're back and not a moment too soon. Sorry for the interruption and I hope that this system makes it longer than the last two!

Now if only I can find that gassy smelling oil leak on my cycle before it gets serious...

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