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March 27, 2009

Tweets from 27-Mar-2009

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  • Packing up for ESC in San Jose. I am getting excited to play with my doll house in front of people and to get payed for it. (14:28:19 Central Time from web)
  • I now have the technology to collect my tweets on my blog. <yikes!> Will anybody care? (18:44:56 Central Time from web)

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March 12, 2009

The North Shore of Superior, Near Cascade Lodge

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CameraPolaroid 104
Lens3 Element Glass
Shutter @ ApertureUnknown @ Unknown

This is the first photo I've posted taken with my Polaroid 104. It's a beautiful camera. It does not have a range finder. Instead it has a little overlay in the viewfinder with a distance scale and a line. As you change the focus, the line moves up and down the scale. The focus is all done with estimation and for the most part it works beautifully. I am guessing the lens has a fairly narrow aperture which allows for some forgiveness on the part of the user.

I took this photo this past weekend after an unfortunate ski accident in which my knee went one way and my skis the other. I wasn't able to walk very well but through sheer determination I was able to coax myself to walk down to the shore of Lake Superior to try and take this picture. This photograph is near Cascade Lodge just northeast of Lutsen, Minnesota.

Even though the battery in the camera is nearly 30 years old it still works great, just as long as you warm it up a bit with your hands first!


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