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July 30, 2010

Parisian Street Portrait

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We may as well continue the series of portraits.

Back in June I had to travel to Paris for work. I love traveling to Paris: one, I love the city and two, I have good friends there.

My friend Mika lives in the first arrondissement. When I go to visit her it feels more like visiting family than friends. I've shown up sick, been mothered and healed. I've had my face stuffed with pâté, wine & cheese. There are sisters and brothers and children and friends. It's a very lively place. Being a bit of a nomadic hermit, I crave this kind of environment from time to time. I'd come lonely and leave with a warm heart and a new book to read.

Mika's boyfriend C is one of the coolest men on the planet. He's who I want to be when I grow up. He's incredibly kind, handsome, deeply thinking and creative. Children love him. It seems as though he never lost the way children look at the world and yet he developed the full emotional and spiritual maturity of a Zen master. I enjoy spending time with him, hearing his travel stories and trying to see Paris as he sees Paris. He makes me want to improve my French.

There was an arts festival in Paris where artists opened up their apartments to show where their workspaces and art. C and I took in a few of these places. Along the way we ran into a photographer who had constructed his own camera. For ten Euros he would snap your pictures (using his hand as the shutter), develop a negative print, snap a positive print using the same camera, and give you the resulting image. I could n't resist!

The image above was the result of his process. I couldn't be happier with it! It was rainy and humid. I felt like waterlogged cardboard. I look like waterlogged cardboard. This photograph represents a wonderful memory.


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July 29, 2010


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Over the past several years I've had more and more opportunity with my employer to speak at trade events, conduct training sessions, and give webinars. When I was in New York last weekend I commissioned a photographer for a corporate headshot.

The photographer, Daphne Borowski, did a superb job and turned around the images in just a couple of days. I had over 100 shots to choose from.

I winnowed down the images to five candidate images and enlisted my family for help. I asked them to pick their top two favorite images. My brother took one of the images and replied saying, "I much prefer this."


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