“Grand Central Station Admiration” • Comments (12) • Saturday April 23rd, 2005

Aimee was nice enough to let me try, try, and try some more to get the picture I wanted of Grand Central. I had just picked up my Minolta 7D the day before at B&H Photo and this was one of the first shots I took with it.

CameraKonica Minolta 7d
LensSigma 15mm f/3.5
Shutter / Aperture1/4s / f/4

Aimee also tried to produce a reasonable portrait of me with the camera while I was there, but she couldn't quite find the focus. Turns out my camera had the infamous "back-focus" mis-calibration defect that would become an annoyance for the remainder of my trip.

I like this photo for the couple that is standing motionless in the swarm of busy New Yorkers. That, and I ♥ NY. The perspective of this photo is a little right of center, looking inwards. At times I cannot figure out if this makes the photo look interesting or annoying.

I took this photo by placing my camera on a conveniently placed ledge at a high vantage point. I used the timer function as a mirror lock, bracketed the exposure around a few shutter rates, and got lucky.