“Inside the Great Buddha” • Comments (1) • Tuesday May 9th, 2006
CameraKonica Minolta MAXXUM 7D
Lens (35mm Equiv.)Minolta 24mm f/2.8 (36 mm)
Exp. Prog. / Shutter @ ApertureNormal Program / 1/50 s @ f/3.5
Metering w/Adj. @ ISOPattern w/0.00 eV @ 3200

A continuation from Wednesday. This is the inside of the Great Buddha. Here I was leaning against his back, shooting upwards into his head. You can see his ear and the many places where his tight curls emerge from his head. All this for about twenty cents!

I remember a time about three years ago when I came to visit with my friend Jesse. A group of six or seven Japanese high school girls were in here trying to get a photo. When we were spotted, a number of them were trying to figure out how to ask us if we would take their picture. When my friend told them in Japanese that he understood what they were saying and that they wouldn't need to work out the English. He also told them that he would help them. Before he could finish they began to scream and I'll never forget their horrible shrill sound reverberating off of the insides of the silent Buddha. What finally quieted them down was a quick, "shh, shut up!" as he reached for their camera.