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July 3, 2008

Brooklyn Breakfast Mascot

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CameraCanon Powershot G9
LensCanon 7.4-44.4mm f/2.8-4.8 IS
Exp. Prog. / Shutter @ ApertureAuto exposure / 1/50 1/500 s @ f/4.5
Metering w/Adj. @ ISOPattern w/+0.0 EV @ 100

Taken outside of a breakfast joint in Brooklyn, NY.


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April 1, 2008

Final Shot

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This photo was taken by my father and sent to me.

My brother needed some logistical help shooting the final scenes of his movie and so my dad drove up from Los Angeles to the Bay Area in order to help him out. This was supposed to be final location for the movie he has been working on for going on two years.

The salty air ended up doing a number on his old VHS camera and he could not wrap production. The next day he needed to be on an airplane to move to New York City. Now he'll have to come back so he can finish his film.


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March 30, 2008

Matilija Creek Panorama

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CameraCanon PowerShot G9
LensCanon 7.4-44.4mm f/2.8-4.8 IS

Last month my job sent me to San Diego, CA. I stayed the weekend and drove up to Los Angeles in order to see my dad, his wife and family. Even though I was able to cheat winter and escape Minnesota for the full duration this year it was nice to be able to get out into the warm sunshine after four weeks of not having sun light feel warm on the skin.

We drove north to Ojai in order to go for a hike along Matilija Creek. Everything was beautiful and green. The creeks were full and flowing thanks to a melting snow pack.

Along the way I took a series of photographs with the intention to stitch them together into a panorama. This is about nine photographs stitched together. It is a crop of a panorama about three times this size.

It was the late afternoon and we were just finishing our hike that took the majority of the day. The sun was low on the horizon and there was a lot of dust in the air. The light was very soft but dramatic.


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February 17, 2008

Evan at Breakfast

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CameraHolgaroid 120GF
LensHolga Glass 60mm f/8
Shutter @ Aperture1/100s @ f/8
Film / ISOPolaroid Type 84 / 100 ISO

My brother came to Minneapolis to promote and present his company's—Troma Entertainment—new movie Poultrygeist with his boss Lloyd Kaufman. It was a very wild and rowdy event. It was a great time!

We stayed up until nearly 5:00am that night and went out the next morning for a well-deserved breakfast at Maria's Cafe on Franklin Ave. The service was positively atrocious. Our server was a completely space-cadet but at least the light was good!

I love going out to breakfast with my brother. He is at peace with the world when he has eggs, hashbrowns, and a cup of coffee in front of him.


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February 2, 2008

Basel, Switzerland Ferry Crossing

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CameraISO 400 Disposable w/Plastic Lens

A ferry crossing at the Rhine in Basel, Switzerland.


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January 31, 2008

Basel, Switzerland

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CameraISO 400 Disposable w/Plastic Lens

Shot from near Münsterplatz in Basel, Switzerland.


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January 22, 2008

Der roten Stühle

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CameraISO 400 Disposable w/Plastic Lens

I was able to see the exhibition "Rot. Wenn Farbe zur Täterin wird" (Red. Hot on the Trail of a Colour) at the Basel Museum der Kulturen. A few sets of these table and chairs were in the courtyard of the museum. The chairs were tipped forward no doubt to avoid pooling water from collecting in their seats should while it rained.

The original print was very underexposed. I scanned the photo at my friend Mika's and was able to play with the color curves and contrast to recover this image.


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January 20, 2008


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CameraBlackberry Pearl 1100 Cameraphone
LensCheap Plastic

Hello from Deutschland!

Yes, it means "Jewelry" in German. It made me smile with how boldly it was written.


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January 11, 2008

Dad Under a Pier

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Some photographs only improve with time.

Recently my father was visiting a friend of the family and she gave him a number of photos of my father, some almost 40 years old. This photo was part of a series of photographs taken under a pier. I am going to guess that this photo is circa 1977. My father was around 30 years old.

I believe this photo was taken in Los Angeles, but I cannot be sure. I like my dad's animated expression, as if he was caught mid sentence. I like his larger than life hair, obnoxiously open shirt, and rolled up shirt-sleeves. Most of all, I like that I would have scoffed at this photo as a teenager. Now I just find it cool.


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January 3, 2008

Cigarettes, Evan, and Coffee in Logroño

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While eating at La Chatilla restaurant on Calle de San Augustín in Logroño my brother Evan and I were playing with the panoramic stitching mode of his new camera. We decided to make triptics. As I was looking at them tonight I decided that they would best go together as a triptic themselves.

If you are ever in Logroño I highly recommend eating at La Chatilla. They have the best carpaccio I've ever eaten. First they take beef tenderloin, pound it flat it then and roll it with foie. Next, they slice it thin as paper. Last they artfully arrange it on a platter and drizzle it with cold pressed olive oil and balsamico. If it is possible for carpaccio to melt in your mouth, this carpaccio one does.

You might need a cigarette afterwards.


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